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Don't you just love rolling doors... We sure do...
We think there's a place for a rolling door in every home.
And we're making that possible at My Barn Door
with our signature  Door Collections.

 Everything from the lightweight, affordable, yet durable Classic Door Collection to Modern, Reclaimed, Artisan or Custom Collections.

We have a variety of designs and styles that are one of a kind. Simply take a look at our doors. There built right. Made to last.


We hand pick our materials. We hand craft our doors. 

Letting you be part of the design and build so that its really  your "My" Barn Door.

Our prices are unmatched, The quality and integrity of our doors is guaranteed.

Classic Door Collection

Starting as low as $170 for the Classic Door and $230 for the Classic Bold Door. My Barn Door's Classic Door Collection is built from kiln dried eastern knotty pine. With a thoroughly tested signature anti warp design, hand friendly sanded smooth edges, and 3/4 bottom kerf for your bottom door track guide. These lightweight, affordable, yet durable sliding doors make it possible for any home to have a rolling door. Add upgrades such as hardware, stains, paint, distress, grey wash, or just leave them natural.

Who we are... what we do.

   Welcome to My Barn Door. We handpick and handcraft rolling doors. We have great deals and various options, you can get the door that you want for a reasonable price. Located in Cullman Alabama, good Barn Country I like to say. We offer delivery and installation and if your all the way across the nation. That's not a problem our doors are strategically prized and design light weight so that it's still a great deal with shipping and anyone can have their own "My" Barn Door.

Better Built Doors

Not just anyone can build a Rolling door that will last. Here at My Barn Door we have a lightweight, affordable, but most importantly durable rolling door and it's one of the best on the market. 

We have thoughrly tested our doors,  they have our signature anti warp design, hand friendly sanded smooth edges. A slot  across the bottom for your floor guide. And these are just to name a few of those added values you get when you choose a My Barn Door, knowing your door is going to last. You can look and compare other doors to ours and easily see My Barn Doors are better built, better priced, better sliding doors.

Snap a photo. Measure the opening. Choose a Design

3 simple steps and you have a My Barn Door

    You really won’t believe how simple doing business with us really is. The only thing we’ll be needing from you is how wide and tall the door opening is, snap a picture if you need to, choose your door design, and we'll handcraft your "My" Barn door. 


Shipping  -  Delivery  -  Installation

    Shipping large items such as doors can be expensive. But we have strategically designed our doors as well as collaborated with FedEx to provide affordable shipping cost even on those really big doors. Check out our 2 step assemble doors!

       If your in need of professional sliding door services you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are the barn door pros. Always conduct ourselves in a good workman like manner . From standard installs starting at $185 to those peculur custom jobs that may requir part fabrication on site. We can make it easy, hassle free, and do it right   


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